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Walk By Faith To Freedom Ministry, Inc.

WBFTFM is a non profit ministry. Since January 17, 2000, almost 18
years we have provided spiritual guidance, hope and programs and
services for 1000's of men and women to help them build an
independent, self-sufficient life style free from behavior that leads
to incarceration, establish law biding citizens and tax payers.  
In addiction we also provides preventive programs and services for
all individual including, offenders, ex-offenders (The Formally
Incarcerated), prisoners, juveniles as well as their children, families,
victims and you.

Our main purpose is to help instill Godly spiritual and Biblical
principles, moral standards, plant the seed of hope, as well as offer
Salvation to all and prevent criminal behavior and recidivism
externally as well as internally for all.

WE provide justice for all, and enhance public safety in our
community and nationwide. We look for constant ways, support and
advice in building a bridge of peace and spreading the love of God
within each encountered heart and in a dying world in need of moral
principles and standards, unity, safety, and justice for.

But most of all, we must and will continue to evangelize and go out
into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Our Lord
and Savior and spread the love of GOD.
Walk By Faith To Freedom
Spiritual Retreat Center
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