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Inmate Correspondence Advocacy Network

There are many Incarcerated Inmate Advocates that volunteer to devote
their lives in giving back. You can become an Inmate Advocate too. All
you have to do is become a role model to your brothers. Be a living
testimony by praying for THEM, encouraging THEM, loving THEM and
demonstrating what is right, just and fair before THEM.

In addition, help your brother or sister by sharing information about this

If they are interested, give him or her the Ministry MAILING ADDRESS
P.O. Box address
436070 Chicago, IL. 60643

Ask him or her to send a letter requesting the type of services they are
in need of.

Help Spread the Gospel of Jesus CHRIST. Plant the seed of hope.  We
will also ordain you for prison ministry once you qualify.


If you believe that your love one would be interested in receiving
programs and services from our ministry?
Tell them to write
Walk By Faith To Freedom Ministry, Inc.

Attention To:
Evangelist Dorine R. Stevens

PO Box 436970 Chicago, IL 60643
Go to our contact page and put their name, ID # and address on the
information form and press summit.

We will contact them asap